Born in 2000.
We work with original projects.

Our journey is based on continuous growth and constant development. Over these years, we have worked on a wide range of architectural, interior and product design projects.

Our main focus is on delivering creative and innovative excellence within a collaborative process. Our projects are the product of extensive research and collective conceptual development.

All our professionals participate in the genesis of every project.


Plurality, contex and substance.

Understand the context,
Optimize resources,
Value comfort and aesthetics,
Love the nature and the city.

For us, architecture is the embodiment of senses, memories, and expectations.

For each project, we will have a response, a solution and a design

Style is an outdated concept. We are plural.

We are based in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil, however, our language is universal.

Luiz Paulo Andrade

Partner - Founder

Inquisitive in every aspect and on every subject. Our most experienced architect and team leader. Founded LPAA in 2000, and this curiosity has led us to participate in various types of projects, always studying and researching. Born in Rio de Janeiro but a true Paulistano, he is passionate about Art, Music, Philosophy, and above all, Architecture. He has a sharp eye, is detail-oriented, and a perfectionist at work, with an uncontrollable desire for evolution and deepening. ‘Architecture is emotion’ is the motto that drives him in his work. Water Polo athlete. Almost amphibious. Graduated in 1997 from FAU-Mackenzie.

Veruska R. Bustillos

Managing Director

She is our executive. Down-to-earth, focused on numbers, and committed to sustainable results that positively impact people. She developed professionally from a young age. Experienced, with over 20 years of experience that continues to grow. A confessed lifelong learner, the type that embraces changes fearlessly. Her resume is extensive, just like the positions and accomplishments she has achieved. She prefers to be recognized for each project, each client, each interaction, each transformation. She dives in, gets involved, participates, and above all, cares about people and businesses. Energetic, punctual, demanding, and creative. She is all that and a bit more. Because when you get to know her, that’s how it is. She joined the LPAA team in 2016 and became an associate in 2020.

Luiza Monteiro

Partner - Architect

Committed and with a keen eye, these are the characteristics of this music enthusiast. Born American, with a Carioca soul and a Paulistana life, she has been part of the LPAA team since February 2018 when she was still an intern. She is responsible for project development and site supervision. She has a unique ability in client relations and serves as an engine for the office. Her responsibilities and collaborations are constantly evolving, and she actively participates in all projects. She has been an associate since 2020. She graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from FAU-Mackenzie in 2019.

Luciana Vada

Partner - Architect

A typical Paulistana, she is known for her joy and creativity. Since 2019, she has held a significant place on the LPAA team, contributing knowledge to various architectural projects and day-to-day dynamics. She is part of the creative and development team for all phases of the office’s projects. She has been an associate since 2022. An architect and urban planner graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 2021, she enhances her skills through a postgraduate program in Construction Sustainability.

Renan Bressani

Partner - Architect

Our representative from the traditional neighborhood of São Paulo, Mooca. Thorough and calm, he has extensive experience in the development of residential, commercial, and corporate projects. He operates in all project phases, including 3d modeling, digital art, and detailing. He has been with LPAA since 2020, where he took on the role of leading the project team, marking a new phase of professional growth. He has been an associate since 2021. An architect and urban planner graduated from USJT in 2014.

Bruno Miura Nakaya

Partner - Architect

True-born Paulistano, tireless, a workaholic driven by love, passionate about the profession. He has a great interest in Brazilian art and design, as well as architectural and urban planning theory. He is part of the creative team at LPAA. As a 3D artist, he has extensive experience in architectural visualization, rendering, and graphic design. He has participated in various national and international architecture competitions, earning recognition for providing a more comprehensive vision of architecture as a tool for societal change. Always seeking new ideas and references, he explores different architectures, solidifying a diverse and plural repertoire. He joined the office in 2020 when he was still an intern. He graduated as an Architect and Urban Planner from FAU-Mackenzie in 2022.

Luis Gustavo Sendai


Passionate about technologies and innovations, with a foot in graphic design and addicted to volleyball. Joined LPAA as an intern in 2021 and quickly developed, gaining a vast amount of professional experiences. As an architect, he is part of the creative and project development team. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from FAU-Mackenzie since 2022.

Henrique Magalhães


A young individual with a wealth of life experiences gained through studies, sports, and social projects. Lived in Canada and played handball for teams in the interior of São Paulo. These experiences have contributed to his personal growth, and sports have prepared him for teamwork. In 2023, he joined the LPAA team as an intern, seeking further learning. Currently pursuing a degree in Architecture and Urbanism at FAU–Mackenzie.

Isabela Ziegelmann


Practical and determined, she demonstrates clarity regarding her goals and trajectory. With a creative profile, she is beginning to develop professionally within the LPAA team. A dedicated student, Bela is an enthusiast for all types of projects. An active figure in the Architecture Athletic Association at Mackenzie, she shows commitment to the university environment. A natural athlete, she is part of the college’s handball and athletics teams. An intern at LPAA since 2023, she has immersed herself in exploring all aspects of Architecture, always eager to learn. She is pursuing a degree in Architecture and Urbanism at FAU-Mackenzie.

Maria Helena Santos


Our Multitask Person, she has a genuine interest in people, is attentive, and takes care of everything and everyone, always with good humor and a smile on her face. Extremely professional, her dedication and loyalty over almost two decades are admirable and unique. She participates, gets involved, and above all, cares about people. Beloved by the entire team and our clients, she is a fundamental part of our team.